We are a husband and wife photography team based in Lakeland, FL. When you look at our photos, we'd like to thing you can find a natural and relaxed style. With us, you’ll never feel awkwardly posed or terribly cheesy. We like to get the real laughs, romantic moments, and candid interactions. Not a whole lot of "look here and say cheese!" Having photos taken can be nerve-wracking and stressful, but we make it our goal to give full direction while keeping it light and easy so the experience is fun for you!

Along with our work for our clients, we are also photographers for our favorite outdoor mall, Lakeside Village!

With two photographers working together you get all the angles and both of our visions all in one. Oh! And more photos because of it! We’re not afraid to break some rules. We love rainy, adventurous shoots, and even getting a little dirty if we need to! We’ll probably say some weird or inappropriate things to get you to laugh, but hey, it works!

We can't wait to see you in front of our lens!