I'm so awkward in front of the camera, what do I do?

Firstly, no you're not! We're all our own worst critic, and you don't even have to have had professional photos before to make it a great experience. Let us do all the work for you. We will tell you exactly what to do every step of the way. You don't have to do anything but be who you are! We like to set up posing/photos in a natural and candid way. We're here to get you laughing and having fun! Those are the best types of photos. 

The main thing is to just relax and try your best to trust that we wouldn't do anything to make you look stupid or awkward! The only way to get back bad photos is if you're resistant to trusting our guidance and process!

How do I pay?

For initial booking we send you an invoice right to your email address where you can pay right there online.

For the remaining amount day of payments, we only accept cash, venmo, or Apple Pay.

Can you make me look skinnier/ different?

Sorry, NO! That's not we're about. We won't ever change your appearance. We believe in helping everyone see and love themselves just as they are or where they are in life. We want to portray you accurately and for who you are, because who you are is already perfect!

We will however always be willing to edit any small temporary issues like pimples/acne or scabs and cuts!

Can you do it for cheaper?

No we can't! We know sometimes it can seem like a lot of money. But these truly are memories you can hold forever. A lot of the time if you shop around just for cheap prices, you'll likely get a cheap product. You really do get what you pay for especially when it comes to photos. Yes, we only spend an hour shooting your session. But we spend a lot of time communicating prior to the session, handling invoices and admin, editing after your session, and so much more you don't see behind the scenes. We work really hard to give you a product we're proud of and we're confident that it's worth the price!

Think of it like this, you wouldn't really trust a tattoo artist who was super cheap, would you? ;)

Do you want a shot list?

Hear us out, but absolutely not! We always want to make sure we give our clients their dream photos, but we also love for you to trust us and our vision. We have been doing this a LONG time. We give full direction and posing guidance. Not only does that allow you to relax and trust our process, but it also gives us the ability to view each session and client as unique. Shot lists or Pinterest boards can take away from our personal creativity and can sometimes take away that individuality we strive to give you through your photos. We don't want to copy things we see online. Instead, we want to showcase who YOU are in a natural and creative way.

Can I bring my pets?

The answer is always YES! We love animals & photographing you with them.

We do however recommend bringing an extra person to help with the pet wrangling and holding in scenarios where the pet may not be in certain photos.

Can you edit differently for me?

No, that's not our style! Speaking of style, it's displayed all over this little website of ours. We believe that when people hire us, it's because they like what they see. We've perfected a style that speaks to our brand and we're pretty proud of it. No worries if it's not for you! Totally feel free to find a photographer whose style you love. We're never mad or territorial. You like what you like and if that's not us we 100% get it!

Can we do outfit changes?

Yes! We even carry a changing tent with us if we're in the middle of the woods with no bathroom in sight!

Got more questions?

Check out our terms + conditions page here, we may have already answered it!

Still got questions? Feel free to contact us!